The Hive (master)mind

***Doors open again April 3, 2023***

The Hive (master)mind, aka The Neurodive Hive was designed with neurodivergent and trauma affected entrepreneurs in mind.

Show up as you are + go at your own pace.

The Hive is a business mastermind style offering featuring : 

✔️Weekly co-working days

✔️Group brainstorming 2x monthly 

✔️Monthly trainings all catered to the current cohort (all trainers/facilitators/instructors are compensated for their time).

✔️Quarterly 1:1 strategy sessions with me (Shannon Kill).
✔️Private community

🐝It is intentionally small & intimate.
🐝It is intentionally relatively "hands off"
🐝It is intentionally "low-cost" in the realm of masterminds. 

Most importantly - the main focus is the psychological safety of each of our members - everything else is secondary to that. 

If this sounds like something you might want to be a part of, you can sign up for updates here!